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Rules and Policy

Martin Gorse Wood C.P.C Ltd actively supports and promotes safe shooting together with a friendly welcome to customers old and new.


  1. Fibre wad cartridges only. Plastic wads are strictly forbidden on our grounds.
  2. The sharing of entry cards is NOT permitted. Each shooter must have an individual entry card.
  3. Gun hire. Guns may only be hired by a novice shooter on the condition that a licensed shooter accompanies and supervises the novice and accepts a duty of care in ensuring that the novice practices safe shooting. Guidance will be given at the time of gun hire. Gun hire is only available at the discretion of the clubs safety officer.
  4. All visitors are requested to report to the club house on arrival.
  5. The club has the right to refuse entry to any member or persons liable to cause or causing a danger to others.
  6. Shotguns must NEVER be pointed at anyone or anything other than a clay pigeon in the air.
  7. Shotguns, whilst being carried, must always be unloaded and ‘broken’, or be unloaded and fitted with a breach flag.
  8. The consumption of alcohol on the clubs grounds is NOT permitted.
  9. Members must stop shooting immediately if the safety horn is sounded or if instructed to do so by a shooting ground official.
  10. Membership of the club does not inter the right to shoot on the club grounds other than on the dates of the published fixtures.
  11. Members must sign the shooting log for each shoot entry, and in doing so shall be accepting all the safety rules and conditions of the club.