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Private Lesson Prices

Private Lessons at Martin Gorse Wood

  • Lessons will consist of an off range section dealing with the law, safety etiquette , gun knowledge and awareness ,ppe ,stance, gunfit, cartridge knowledge , eye dominance and the method(s) of hitting a moving target .
  • Then the on range section will include the practical side shooting at a variety of clay targets under instruction and complete with fault diagnosis and rectification where appropriate .
  •  Lessons are £120 per session and  fully inclusive of instruction , gun hire , clays , cartridges & ppe and availability is for any day during the week. (Lessons may be possible on Saturday’s but this will be subject to other events on at the site.)
  • Customers may use their own guns if preferred .
  • Customers may use their own cartridges providing they are felt or fibre wad , no heavier than 28 gram and no bigger than shot size 6 . The concession for using your own cartridges can be calculated by deducting £ 5 per box of 25


  • To book your lesson please contact our head coach Tom Heffernan on 07368 551802