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Martin Gorse Wood Clay Pigeon Club Fixtures & Events

We set up a 100 bird discipline set over 10 or 12 stands and also offer a fifty bird alternative option.

Those people who have never tried clay pigeon shooting can ask for our Practice Stand entry which is very kind on the pocket. This entry will give you coaching in gun handling and safety, clay pigeon shooting techniques, and a choice of 20, 25 or 30 cartridges to train with and experience your first few hits !!

About 4 times a year we hold a fun competition which award trophies. Last competition entries must be registered before 10.45am. Score cards must be handed in no later than 12.30pm for validation. Cards which are handed in after this time will be declared void and not be placed in the final scoring – No excuses permitted !!


Trophy shoots

These shoots are open to members and non members

Prizes for AA, A, B, C, D, Lady, Vet and Junior

No extra charge made for entry. If you want to be eligible for prizes then please arrive at shoot early to allow you time to shoot and hand in your card stricly no later than 12.30 in order for prize giving at 1.00

To enter the trophy shoot all AA, A, B, C and D classes must have prevously shot a minimum of one previous regular shoot and handed in their card in order to be put into a class. However Lady, Veteran and Junior classes may enter on the day without prevously shooting or receiving a classification.

Prizes are all in the form of trophies.

2019 Shoot dates

Sunday Shoots
Shoots open on Sundays at 9:00am.
Last entry at 12:30pm. Ground closes at 2.00pm

Trophy Shoot (T)
17th March :: 9th June :: 15th Sept :: 22nd Dec

Bank Holiday Shoots (BH)
26th Dec

Charity Shoots

March0317 (T)31
June09 (T)23
September0115 (T)29
December0822 (T)26 (BH)